2022 goals

For purposes of accountability, here are my 2022 goals. I am trying to go a bit easy on myself and focus on quality of life this year, and hopefully in doing so be able to get back to my art practice soon once my life is stable and comfortable. So, in 2022, will:

  • Defend Phd dissertation
  • Buy a home
  • [redacted medical thing]
  • Legal name change
  • Finish resistors, capacitors, transistors
  • Colourful Clips sold in ay least 3 new places
  • Publish in 2 new academic places and 2 new editorial places
  • (Pandemic permitting) travel outside the country

Secondary goals, more vague “directions”

  • Make a piece of art, and exhibit it
  • Maintain my social network in Montreal
  • Find ways to be a part of bigger things
  • become “excellent” at a new thing.
  • Learn to cook better
  • Conversational mandarin
  • Maintain connections with people I love

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