Zines about wires, buttons, and LEDs


By Lee Wilkins


Voids is a project about creating self reflexive spaces, and amplifying the space between your brain and yourself. These spaces you can put your head into create unique relationship to yourself.



Collaborative Sensor

This collaborative sensing project was done at the Digital Naturalism conference in Panama in 2019.

The sensor can pickup ultrasonic bat sounds, however the two wearers must work collaboratively.  One person can only move the sensor, and the other can only hear through a bone conducting transducer. They must hold hands and communicate as they move through the jungle listening to bats.


Tadpole Soundscapes of Gamboa

By Lee Wilkins (Programming and artistic direction) and Samantha Wong (Creative direction)

Tadpole Soundscapes of Gamboa is a generative soundscape made in collaboration with wildlife of Gamboa. The audio is generated via Processing through a live webcam feed of tadpoles. Recordings are compiled from various artists to create a unique soundscape based on the movement and patterns of the observed tadpoles.  As the tadpoles move and evolve, so does the soundscape.

Recordings featured by: Peter Marting, Michael Ang, Lee Wilkins.


555 Pin


Collaborators: Dushan Milic and the Gladstone Hotel for Grow Op 2017
Role: Designer, Artist, Programmer, fabricator

Orchestrion from Lindy on Vimeo.

Orchestrion is an audio and data visualization installation based on the weather in Toronto in 2017. The room consists of 3 music boxes, each playing a score generated by the local weather data – One playing moisture, one sunlight, and one air pressure. Together, these 3 individual tunes create a soundscape throughout the room. 


Readymades V0.1

Collaborators: Hillary Predko / Little dada

Readymades V0.1 is a prototype of a platform to allow E-Textiles to be used without soldering or difficulty. This consists of 3 custom designed boards, the FizzPop which allows for simple control over high powered components, the ScuddleBug which allows for movement, and the Luminous BeepBoop which allows for control large amounts of light without code. These are alpha versions, with further iterations scheduled for release in 2018.

Readymades test from Lindy on Vimeo.

Readymades test from Lindy on Vimeo.


How Bright is our Future?

Collaborators: Design Workshop Architects. Interior Design Show 2018, Alex Leitch, Jane Hacker
Role: Technical lead

How Bright Is Our Future is an interactive immersive installation that collects data on the viewer’s opinion about the future of technology. Over the duration of the installation, data gathered appears on the screen indicating a live feed of how the crowd is feeling about the future – hopeful or fearful.

The installation uses screen-printed capacitive touch sensors connected with a local wifi signal.

Mapping Alien Topographies

Collaborators: Dushan Milic
Role: Programmer, fabricator

The Sublime Apparatus is an interactive installation that allows the viewer to ride  a bicycle on the surface of Mars, in the depths of the ocean, and the data of the stock market.

By using real data, a bike has been fitted with a device that controls the difficulty of peddling to match data sequences, allowing the rider to map the un-ridable topographies of our universe.

The Sublime Apparatus: Sensing Alien Topographies from Dushan Milic on Vimeo.

The Organ

The Organ is an interactive installation currently on permanent exhibit in Toronto Centre for Social Innovation. As the player interacts with the piano, the lights respond to the notes and speed of the interaction.