555 Pin

Zines about wires, buttons, and LEDs


By Lee Wilkins   Voids is a project about creating self reflexive spaces, and amplifying the space between your brain and

Space Suit

  By Lee Wilkins and Hillary Predko Liquid crystal thermo chromatic pigments heated with resistive thread. Space Suit res

Collaborative Sensor

This collaborative sensing project was done at the Digital Naturalism conference in Panama in 2019. The sensor can pickup ultr

Skylab Revolution

By Little Dada (Lee Wilkins and Hillary Predko) With help from Hand Eye Society, Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto Arts Council an

Tadpole Soundscapes of Gamboa

By Lee Wilkins (Programming and artistic direction) and Samantha Wong (Creative direction) Tadpole Soundscapes of Gamboa is a

The Organ

The Organ is an interactive installation currently on permanent exhibit in Toronto Centre for Social Innovation. As the player

Site 3 Tuesday Nights


Collaborators: Dushan Milic and the Gladstone Hotel for Grow Op 2017 Role: Designer, Artist, Programmer, fabricator Orchestrio

Readymades V0.1

Collaborators: Hillary Predko / Little dada Readymades V0.1 is a prototype of a platform to allow E-Textiles to be used withou

How Bright is our Future?

Collaborators: Design Workshop Architects. Interior Design Show 2018, Alex Leitch, Jane Hacker Role: Technical lead How Bright

Make Change Conference

www.MakeChangeConference.com Make change is an annual conference about Maker Culture and social change run by Lindy Wilkins, H

Mapping Alien Topographies

Collaborators: Dushan Milic Role: Programmer, fabricator The Sublime Apparatus is an interactive installation that allows the