Android Apparatus

Collaborators: Hillary Predko // Little Dada.

Working alongside a lyra dancer, Android Apparatus was built to work with the performer and the lyra, enhancing her performance without hindering her movement. We created a heat map along with the dancer, determining what areas of the body were in high contact with the hoop, and which areas had low contact. The piece was built to cover the non-dominant arm, and the chest. These areas do not make contact with the hoop, and were thus ideal areas to place the constructed armour.

An accelerometer was attached to the dancer while she rehearsed, and we collected data from her movements. This data was visualized using a custom Processing script, and integrated with the pattern pieces for the armour. We iteratively combined the data visualization with the pattern while laser cutting and testing the form. The final piece is laser cut vegetable tanned leather formed into shape using traditional leather moulding techniques.

The piece has LEDs that respond to an accelerometer built into the garment. As the dancer performs, the costume glows responsively, brightening and dimming, changing colour to compliment both the range and intensity of motion.

AndroidTO Performance 2017 from Lindy on Vimeo.